Shropshire Artist Elizabeth Turner commissioned us recently to photograph her exhibition "Flat Earth & Other Viewpoints" at  the VAN Street Gallery in Shrewsbury.

She works in mixed media, sculpture, video, installations and painting. The exhibition showcased work that explored the concept of position in time and space, juxtaposing time lapse video with drawings, painting, sculptures in metalwork and wood and installations - large constructions with form and function.

This was a great opportunity for us to experiment with various techniques in order to reflective theme of the exhibition and offer an enhanced document of the occasion. We created time lapse video covering several hours focussing on individual pieces and the whole gallery. We shot long exposure photographs playing with the concept of position in space - some individuals, intent on the artwork were crisp and sharp in the image, others, on the move appear blurred and not anchored to a particular position. We also shot documentary images of the individual pieces, video slides and close ups of various elements of the work.

We love working with artists, we often shoot artwork, typically paintings for gallery catalogues. This was a great opportunity to go beyond the record shot and try to capture something of the intent of the exhibition.

Check out our favourite shots from the shoot, here - Flat Earth & Other Viewpoints Gallery.