What is in store for Funky Frankwell in 2020?

We designed and built the website and took over the social media feeds for Funky Frankwell in 2019, growing a successful brand in the process and providing an online focus for events, shops and business owners in the area.

So what worked?

We raised the money to build the site and run the social media feeds through a successful crowdfunder. Each business featured on the site put in around £150 for which they got a web page, photography, a virtual tour where appropriate and a brief description. A couple of businesses have joined since the web site was finished. Which has provided funding to continue the social media campaign.

We've had some unexpected plusses - the 360° Virtual Tour of The Boathouse was chosen by the 360° Hosting company Kuula as one of three featured tours in their world wide Facebook campaign.

Tim Vasby-Burnie's Funky Frankwell Advent Calendar was a great success, generating a lot of local publicity for the area and a good sense of community on the ground. We would love to see more community based projects.

Success builds on long term commitment and regular updates. This approach generates a more engaged audience.

This Year

The price of inclusion for new members in 2020 will be static. £150 for a web page, £250 for web page + video. We will not be charging renewals. New income extends the web hosting for the web site and contributes to the cost of maintaining it.

In 2020 we will rely entirely on businesses to provide us with their news. Updates feature on the web site and social media. Those that provided updates regularly in 2019 have done well in terms of exposure. The average number of views from the Facebook page is over 500 in the first 24 hours. We would really like more businesses to engage as the platform and the audience are there, waiting for content! Today we have over 800 followers on Facebook and just under 500 on Twitter.

As soon as we get some weather, Helter Skelter Studios will be doing a new promotion for the site:

Focus on Frankwell

We'll be photographing our favourite haunts and people with featured video snippets from members of the public and business owners.

We're very keen on introducing short video into the mix, both on the web site and on social media. We'll be beating the street to find suitable subjects.

Join us

If you want to join the Funky Frankwell family, get in touch - info@funkyfrankwell.uk