Lets put the Funk into Frankwell...

Help us put Frankwell on the map.. we're a bustling vibrant community just a stones throw from Shrewsbury town centre with lots on offer..

We don't want to be Shrewsbury's best kept secret! Our aim is to create a vibrant events based website with entertaining Video and Virtual Tours that bring to life all that this eclectic district has to offer.. and attracts new visitors.

We have lived under the radar for too long! We have a rich history which we would like to show off... Charles Darwin was born here and thanks to a few rebellious traders back in the middle ages we have an independent free spirit that is alive and thriving. The story goes that in the 1500's these traders refused to pay extortionate tithes to the Earl of Shrewsbury for the right to trade within the castle walls and instead set up shop on the other side of the River Severn. The impromptu market was christened Frankville - place of free trade and marked the start of the enterprising culture that continues to this day.

Frankville is now Frankwell - a bustling community with plenty to offer visitors to the town.

  • Fantastic pubs, gourmet eataries and cafes..
  • An eclectic range of independent shops..
  • Glorious river walks and the Quarry Park..
  • The prestigious University HQ and Theatre Severn
  • Darwin's birthplace and the Darwin fields he wandered around as a boy.

The Team

The Funky Frankwell Project was initiated by a group of Frankwell based organisations meeting to discuss ways of attracting much needed funding to the area.

The steering group for the project includes Tim Vasbie-Burnie, Vicar of St George's Church, Frankwell, Rosie Piesse, Owner of Rosie's Emporium and Chris Wright, co-owner of Helter Skelter Studios.

Helter Skelter Studios will create the website and the content for the initial 12 months. We are also teaming with the Facebook & Twitter pages "Hello Frankwell" to make sure that the project remains a community based effort.

The Project

This is a story of a community taking control of its own destiny, of people pooling knowledge, skills and creativity to showcase the unique character of the district they love living and working in.

The project will achieve its aims by creating and promoting a website and video featuring all of the businesses, restaurants, bars and cafes in Frankwell.

We aim to raise £3000 from local businesses to fund the work in year one.

The ongoing project will be funded by subscription and one off donations - the cost of a cup of coffee a week from participating businesses will generate funds to keep the content interesting, the web site dynamic and the video refreshed.

Donations of £75 and over will qualify contributors for a range of benefits beginning with Professional Photography of your business and products, and extending to Video, a Virtual Tour of your premises and a dedicated web page on the FunkyFrankwell.uk site, linked to the generosity of the donation.

This is a fantastic chance to highlight your organisation, propagate your latest news and promote your events through a permanent, dynamic and attractive new platform.


The project will be promoted by leveraging the cumulative social media presence of the existing businesses through a constant flow of news, events and chatter around the hash tags #onthemap and #funkyfrankwell. Together we have a reach of more than 40,000 people on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Views of Helter Skelter Studio's Virtual Tours on Google Maps in the period between May 2018 and March 2019 exceed 200,000.

Using these channels and conventional PR to drive views to the web site we can achieve substantially greater exposure for individual participants than would be easily achievable alone.

The web site ensures that all participants have a permanent presence. The site will be optimised for search engines, guaranteeing a constant flow of traffic above and beyond that created by social media.

Put the Funk Into Frankwell

The crowdfunder will be launched on May 1st. We already have pledges for half the target to deliver this project. Any donation over £25 guarantees a presence on the web site for 12 months. The price of a cup of coffee a week brings you a whole page featuring photography and video, promoting your news and events!

Go with the flow and put the funk into Frankwell!

If you're interested in being a part of this project, contributing or simply getting your organisation #onthemap hop onto our dedicated mailing list at https://funkyfrankwell.uk and we'll ahem, keep you in the loop!