Weirdly, 2021 was the best year we've had as a business. Despite Covid we posted a third consecutive year of growth. Covid necessitated a change of direction and the Digital Marketing Business we set up at the beginning of the pandemic took off like the proverbial rocket. It seems as though there is an appetite for marketers who understand all of the moving parts. Who knew?

And, as 2021 rolled around and lockdown receded we found the photography and video business started to show signs of recovery. We shot Tanners Xmas Catalogue in Shrewsbury, The Olive Tree asked us to shoot pictures for their website refresh, we shot catalogue and location for Poddy and Black and we made three videos for Responsiv Solutions, one for DEFRA and are currently finishing off a film about deprivation of liberty for Cardiff University.

On the digital side we've run PPC Campaigns for Security Wise, Responsiv Solutions and Poddy and Black, built a completely new website for Learning Cultures and are now hosting a total of fourteen websites! We dabbled with affiliate marketing with Digital Skin

So why would we open a branch in Spain?

We've been Spanish residents for four years now, spending long periods of time holed up in Adalucia working on digital projects and editing video and photography projects. It hasn't altered our ability to produce results for our clients and if anything we have been able to spend more time on our priority accounts and for the first time we can afford to turn down projects without causing our accountant to have palpitations.

So in 2022 we bought our new base, just outside Granada in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The photograph at the head of this article was taken from the new office. We have everything we need to communicate with our clients in the UK and we go back periodically for photoshoots and meetings.

We admire Spanish media greatly, they make fantastic television, way better than the UK have managed in many years now. Netflix is basing a European centre in Madrid. The architecture is bold and exciting, the cities mix ancient and modern with a flare that is breathtaking at times. It's impossible not to be inspired in Spain.