We created an interactive web promo with Adobe Express.

This isn't the first one we've created, back in the days of Adobe Slate we created one to promote a holiday cottage in Spain that was very well received, but for some reason we've never repeated the exercise for our product photography studio in Shrewsbury. Which is a bit bonkers really!

Why do we use Adobe Express? Firstly because its quick, easy to use and looks polished and professional. Secondly it can be embedded in posts like this one, used as a Tweet or a Facebook post and distributed widely.

The 'Quick' part of the equation is key for us. Like many photographers we have different strands to our business and we market to what might be described as niche markets. In our case mostly B2B Product Photography and Property Photography but also direct to our customers with Landscape Photography.

These strands are not incompatible from our point of view - we have the skills and equipment to deliver them, but our marketing needs to be tightly focused to be effective. Adobe Express enables us to do precisely that - we can create a polished promo from existing materials in a matter of hours.

Check out the one we have embedded here!

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