Photography in Print

Its always a thrill to see our work on screen, but, call me old fashioned if you like, seeing our photography in print is a special thrill.

Our client Moonshine & Fuggles designed these amazing gift cards including a credit card sized cash card that can be given, loaded with cash, as a gift. What an excellent idea, we thoroughly approve!

Lightroom Settings

A quick word about the output settings for the files. The destination media was to be card (for the gift cards) and plastic (for the cash cards). We were working with a graphic designer who needed our images full sized in order to add the print. The final composition would then be reduced to the proportion of the gift card and cash card.

We used jpeg as there had been no photoshop work done on the images themselves, only Lightroom adjustments. So no layers, no need for psd files. We output them at 300 dpi in Lightroom so that there would be the most detail possible for the printers. Difficult to see in the picture here, but in the flesh, these images look fantastic.

We particularly love the quotes etched onto the cards - "Beer is Proof that God loves us and wants us to be Happy" (Benjamin Franklin) and my personal favourite "Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough" (Mark Twain).

So thanks to Moonshine & Fuggles for the innovative marketing. We'll be stocking up on gin before too long!