Welcome to Helter Skelter Studios!

Helter Skelter Media opened a production office at the Custard Factory in Birmingham in March 2015 and we liked it so much we decided to expand! We have created a state of the art photography studio for Product Photography.

We believe that the point of product photography is to sell the product, to show it in the most attractive possible way that will fit with your existing web site and catalogues and encourage your customers to make the leap from consumer to customer.

Product Photography

Product Photography requires specialist skills and equipment. Helter Skelter Studios is kitted with Wi-Fi, Elinchrom studio lighting, an Elinchrom Multi table, Backdrops, Canon cameras and lenses and full on-site editing facilities with off-site back up. The Custard Factory offers car parking on two locations within 100 metres of the studio as well as a range of cafe's and shops. We encourage our customers to come into the studio and will happily work with you to create the best possible images.

Our studio is one of the best equipped in the country for product photography, Canon 5D cameras, dedicated product table with infinity curve, Elinchrom backdrops, "L" class lenses and Elinchrom BRX 500 lights with a range of modifiers. Your photographs are guaranteed to be as sharp and crisp as technology supports.

Our aim is to offer the best technical service in the country and to maintain lasting relationships with our clients by providing the most creative and imaginative, eye catching photography. We offer a collection service in central Birmingham and will price match any comparable quote.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

If you are new to web marketing, then we can help you find your feet. We are members of the Google Partnership programme which means we can advise on and implement pay-per-click campaigns on your behalf. These campaigns position small advertisements alongside search results on Google and their partner websites. They are proven to be a very effective way of driving traffic to your website or to a page on that website and are triggered by the search terms users type into the Google Search Engine. It can cost as little as £7 a day and used in the right way can be very effective in boosting your sales. These campaigns are one part of a successful sales strategy - if we don't think you will benefit, we will tell you so and we'll tell you why.

We're very happy to talk to you about your products and we hope to see you soon in the studio!