Project: Septimus the Giant

Client:  Shrewsbury Morris and Thingumajig Theatre, funded by The Arts Council & Shropshire Town Council.
Location:  Shropshire; for promotion countrywide.

Brief:  To produce two films.  The first documenting Thingumajig Theatre’s workshop as they built the giant.   The two week workshop attracted local people who learnt an array of new puppet making skills. The second was to film the performance.  Septimus and Shrewsbury Morris' joyous parade and a merry dance through the streets of Shrewsbury. 

The workshop film was 12 mins in length and was cut down into 4 short films and released over a week on social media.  A final 3 minute film was made of the performance.


Results: The films were released on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube and so far have received over 50,000 views (Oct 2019) 

"We love this. Really great stuff which we’ve never had documented before. What a huge job editing! Thanks for doing so with such a generous touch" 
Andrew Kim - Thingumajig Theatre

"Thank you for the video - looks brilliant!... it's great, and wonderful the way so many of the particpants are featured. The time lapse works really well too"
Ray Langton - Shrewsbury Morris


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