We love the way buildings come to life during the course of a build or a renovation and we're bringing that quality to a unique new offering that we're launching in the New Year. We offer high quality, contemporary property photography, video and virtual reality to Estate Agents, Architects and Developers  in Shropshire, Wales and the West Midlands. 

Property Photography

We've been working with agents in Birmingham and the Midlands since June 2018, providing high end commercial and luxury residential property photography to Airbnb and independent web sites. Our offering provides wide angle shots of each room in landscape and portrait orientation, mediums and close ups in portrait of features. We also use drones and where that is not possible, masts to provide aerial shots of suitable properties. We provide a minimum of 70 photographs for a typical commercial shoot. All these media can be combined into web pages and digital advertisements in any combination and gives you plenty of variation to keep the images fresh on web sites.


Video offers a compelling addition to your advertising reach. We recommend ultra short videos, to be used on social media, showing an engaging feature of the experience offered by the property. Longer videos are more expensive to produce and unless they tell an interesting story, rarely get watched to completion. Our property video offering comes as an extension to our photography, is affordable and very effective.

Virtual Tours

We are Google Trusted Photographers and we have seen over 100,000 hits on our virtual tours of shops, restaurants and property on Google MyBusiness in a little over three months. There is no doubt that virtual tours attract views and keep the viewer on your site for longer than any other media. The secret is that the viewer gets to control the tour - quite unlike the experience of video where the viewer can only witness what unfolds on the screen. With virtual tours viewers can explore the location at their own speed. We host virtual tours on behalf of our customers (each tour consists of hundreds of images) and can embed the player in their web sites and upload the panoramas to Google MyBusiness.

If you're interested in hearing more about how you can market your property effectively with our unique offering, do drop us a line and tell us about your project. Check out our portfolio or call us on 01743 231 416.