Septimus the Giant Shrewsbury Cobbler is an Arts Council funded project by Thingumajig Theatre and Shrewsbury Morris. Helter Skelter Studios photographed and filmed the whole project from building the giant to the debut performance in Shrewsbury Square.

We completed filming on Sunday and there will be a ten day edit. Look out here and on social media for the two finished films. We used a number of innovative technologies during the filming, including 360° Video. Look out for some incredible footage of the parade taken from unique viewpoints.

The Arts Council fund projects that make lives better through culture and the arts. This project is a great example. Thingumajig Theatre are superb puppeteers and the giant provoked extraordinary reactions on the streets of Shrewsbury on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Notwithstanding the curmudgeon in Pret who studiously ignored the giant head looming over him. Kids loved it and adults grinned as the giant made its way up Pride Hill. The music written for the occasion by Ray Langton of Shrewsbury Morris is a total earworm and the combination of music, dance and giant brought a breath of fresh air and sunshine to an otherwise grey and rainy day.

Helter Skelter Studios have built up a considerable arts based practice in recent years having worked with Blists Hill Victorian Town, The Arts Council and individual artists such as Simon Rowley. We welcome enquiries from organisations looking to apply for grants to fund interesting projects. These projects are usually a pleasure to work on and we bring considerable marketing and technical chops to the project as well as our long experience of film making and fund raising. Get in touch!