Yesterday a new update to Capture One 21 was released. Incremental improvements and one significant new feature moving the software further towards being a complete solution for photo processing. Style Brushes.

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Style Brushes create new layers on which you can paint effects. This doesn't sound particularly significant, but it takes time out of the processing task and this seems to be the underpinning philosophy behind the Capture One journey. Where Photoshop adds tools, slows down, becomes ever more cumbersome, Capture One are not letting the tools get in the way. Professional Photographers want speed as well as world class functionality.

Update to Capture One 21

So let's take a closer look at Style Brushes.

We can see in the left hand menu, a new too - Style Brushes, below the Layers. I've expanded the options so that you can see them clearly.

Selecting a style brush will create a new layer named after the brush you have selected.

Right clicking in the image reveals a dialogue box where you can alter the size, hardness, opacity and flow of the brush of the brush and choose the way in which it manifests - Airbrush, Pressure response on a Wacom tablet etc.

You can also link a brush to a specific layer - this means that you can use the same brush multiple times with different settings in one image.

Flow is set by default to 100% allowing you to build up the effect gradually.

Simply paint across the area of the image you want to adjust and assess the adjustment. You can roll it back in the Edit menu or go again to intensify it.

This new tool is well designed and offers both speed and function. It also nudges the software along the path of easing Photoshop out of the workflow. For an increasing number of use cases, Capture One has enough functionality to handle it all.

Features introduced in this update include

  • Style Brushes
  • Import Viewer
  • Additional ProStandard profiles
  • Leica Live-View with zoom & pan

Check out the original What's New in Capture One 21 post for the big picture and look out for a video on my YouTube channel demonstrating the style brushes.

Download a free trial of Capture One 21 here.