Have you ever noticed how often your attention is drawn to an article because of the text?

Not very often?

This is because pictures are an incredibly powerful means of drawing attention to content.

According to Twitters own analytics, including a picture in a Tweet gives a 35% boost in retweets. On Facebook, a picture generates 53% more likes than a text only message and 104% more comments according to Hubspot.

Again, on Facebook the inclusion of a photograph in a post with a link gives an 84% uplift in the clicks through to that link

Statistics like these emphasise what we feel is a growing trend – that as technology makes it easier to view pictures and video on the move, marketers are gaining traction for their clients by leveraging the power of pictures.

While one can argue the merits of Facebook and Twitter in the context of different industries, the fact is that picture power is real and it is a potent weapon in the promotion and differentiation of your products and services.

"If the benefits of photography are so real, surely we can use our iphones and a bit of instagram magic to deliver the photos we need?"

Well, some people can and some people can’t. If you’ve got an eye for an image (and lots of people have) and can spare the time then that might work for you. If your time is better spent running your business or generating more work then you might want to check out the alternatives to using your own photographs.


Seriously? Don’t go there. Helping yourself to an image from the web breaches the photographer’s copyright and the image search in google will quickly show where any given image is being used. More photographers are resorting to legal action to get paid for these pictures and a standard settlement is four times the market value of the picture.

Stock Photography

Stock photography is a great way to get hold of professional quality photographs at a comparatively low cost. Companies like Alamy, Getty Images, and Shutterstock sell pictures for pounds. Newer entrants to the market include social media stars Canva and creative giants Adobe, The cost of commissioning a photographer to take that essential sunset shot is likely to run into hundreds of pounds – so if you don’t need a unique photograph and realistically many businesses don’t, then stock photography is worth considering. The photographer gets paid, you are licensed to use the pictures, everyone is happy. We provide pictures for Alamy, but all of the companies I’ve listed here have huge collections.

Why Professional Photography Matters

If your requirement is for unique images that reflect your brand values and show your product and your people in a way that enhances both the brand and the chances of the product selling then you really should consider a professional photographer. In doing so you will be providing a personal and unique experience for your viewers, driving engagement and fostering the relationships that will ultimately lead to sales.

Working with a professional photographer should be a collaborative process – it’s your brand and its important that the photographer understands the values and qualities you want to project. A professional photographer will know how to capture an image - you need to be sure that the image is the right one for you and your brand. There is a difference between Audi and Jeep, two highly sought after brands, and the way they represent themselves visually tells the viewer a great deal about the values they want to associate with their products.

Helter Skelter Studios

We specialise in visual marketing photography and video. Our core creative skills and qualifications are Photography and Film making. We see our images as part of a sales campaign. We actively promote our photography and our video and in so doing provide another shop window for our clients, bringing new customers and converting possibles into probables. Give us a call on 01743 231 416.

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